About Us

Hello! This is murad. I am a software Developer and the owner of the site “The Wifi Router”.

In 2020, I worked as a support team customer solution in the software company Excel.

While working as an Excel company support team member I got many problems with the wifi router.

Then I keep thinking about how people can solve all problems with routers by themselves sitting at home. And then the idea of ​​creating a website came to my mind. And immediately I registered a domain called the wifi router. Later in 2021, I launched the site officially.

A few days after launching the site, I formed a team with some of my friends to speed up the site’s operations. All of them are software developers.

Our aim is to solve all the problems that we get from customers with routers every day. Moreover, we check the quality of products by doing various types of tests including the setup of routers of all brands. And my team members help me in all these works.

The wifi router is a wealth of resources related to your router. We provide all the information needed to set up a router properly. Our main goal is to be the best source of router information and to help you make sense of your router.

We Provide Information about your Router

We provide guides for just about every router. Our guides help you to log in and set up your router. They also help you navigate through the menus to adjust your router’s settings.

In our router guides you will find:

  • screenshots of your router’s interface
  • login instructions
  • your router’s default password
  • the user manual for your router
  • your router’s default IP address
  • instructions for how to change your router’s IP address
  • instructions for how to connect the router to the printer
  • instructions for any kind of router problem solve

If you face any kind of technical problem with your router then without any hesitation ask me about your query. I will give a quick reply to your query soon. contact for support

Meet Our Team Member

nurul amin
parvez titumir
arif mahabub
deb das
suriya akter
sharmin akter
lera zorina