Does Wifi Router History Reset Every Month? 2022

Does wifi router history reset every month? What do you think about that? Don’t worry, and you can reset it every month. Internet connection is an essential aspect of our life. All businesses need internet connection to run their work. Even we need it in our daily life to become easy to work.

Using internet nothing is the bes as like as wifi router. From the router log page anyone can find their browsing history. Though internet connection is essential in the business world, we need to monitor employees’ activities. For that, we need to check the router history and reset it.

Does wifi router history reset every month?

Yes, wifi router history is reset every month. It is an easy and quick process. ‘Reset’ button at the back side is available every router.

To reset software issue there have some routers which has the reset button system and users just press it to reset data. In this process, data like usernames and passwords won’t be lost.

To clear router history within ten or twenty second you need to reset your factory resort from setting option. It is called a complex process.

You also check and clear your router’s history.

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How to check wifi router history?

To check your wifi router history is an easy process. But the process depends on the router brand. The general steps are similar; just the router’s interface can be changed. Here is the process to check the wifi router history.

Does Wifi Router History Reset Every Month

Login router on the browser

Open the browser that the computer you use for the router. The browser must be connected to the router’s network.

Enter IP address

Before starting the process, enter the router’s IP address. Usually, all the routers use the same IP address as default, which is Some routers also use or IP addresses.

Check your router IP address and enter it.

Log in with your identity or credentials.

Many times, router setup is done by someone else. That is an inconvenience for you. However, you can know all information from the router’s settings.

A router is design manually and from manual option you can find login information in details. Go to standard default option to find out the manual option.

When you enter the default system, you will see username is save as admin and also have the password option. If the router settings were changed, reset it and get back your credentials. At this point, you also can recover or change your password.

Go to the settings

Navigate your setting page when you login your router. The setting page differs depending on the router brand.

Search for logs feature and select the Advanced option. You can see the log time and date with the log feature. You also can see all IP addresses that connect to the router.

Check the Target IP address.

Check the target page that shows the IP addresses of the users. When you collect the page select the attache device option on your device as well as select the ip address too.

Go back to the Logs.

Click back to the logs, after visiting all site of the router. After doing this, you can see the site’s user IP addresses. Make sure that you enable the log and trace the ip address that’s you targeted.

The Short Way to check wifi Router History

  • Login your router with your browser
  • Click the Advanced option
  • Click the System option
  • Now you can see the System log Click the option.
  • Scroll down to see your router’s history.

This process may be changed depending on the router brand.

How to clear wifi router history?

The router log saves your browsing history. They store all the IP addresses that you browse or try to browse. All the sites where you visit are stored on the router log. You can find your visiting sites on the router history.

If you want, you can clear the wifi router history. This is an easy procedure. You need some steps to do this. Follow the steps mentioned below. You can do it in general way, the router interface may be different depending on the brand.

Open your browser

First, open any browser on your computer or laptop. Must check your internet connection.

Enter IP address

In the address bar Enter your router IP address on the top of your browser. As a default, most of the router’s IP address is 192.168.0. and you should enter it. If it doesn’t work, try or

If none of the IP addresses work, restart your router or disconnect it from the internet.

Enter username and password

Enter your username to log in and give the password in the box and click the Login button. Now you get your router’s admin interface.

Status tap

On the navigation bar status tap will appear on your router’s admin interface. Select that navigation bar from the top page of the screen.

You also find Advanced or other similar words instead of Status. It depends on the router model.

Click System Log or Administration

You can see System or Administration in the navigation bar. Click the button. Now you visit a new page.

Refresh Bar

Click the refresh bar. You get a pop-up; click the yes option. Now your router’s history is clear.

Final Thoughts

Does wifi router history reset every month? Are you still worried about that? We already discussed it. You can reset the wifi router history every month and check the record. Router history can reset in two ways. First click on the factory reset button or clear the logs.

Checking router history is an easy process. You can do it in some steps that we already discussed. Usually, we need to check router history to monitor the employer’s activities and our security. All browsing history stored into the log features. This features allow you to access all website and can store 256 browsing activities or more.

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