How to Check Browsing History on WIFI Router TP-Link

Do you know how to check browsing history on wifi router Tp-Link? You can easily and quickly check your browsing history on the Tp-Link router. The router’s web interface might be checked as a starting point. You’ll need to enter your username and password into the router to accomplish this.

Most modern routers keep records of the IP addresses and URLs of websites visited, as well as the timestamps of events, bandwidth consumed, and connected devices. Once you have logged in, a menu with a “logs” or “history” section should appear. You can safely check your Tp-Link router’s browsing history using this method.

How to log into wifi router tp-link

Start your web browser and enter the internal IP of your router to log in. TP-Link’s IP address is 192.168. A username and password must be entered. The usual username and password for the router are admin if this is your first attempt logging in.

  • Open a web browser and enter http://192.168 or in the address bar. Afterward, hit Enter.
  • To log in, enter your username and password. By default, they are both admins.
  • See the system log
  1. Go to System Tools and select System Log.
  2. To view the system log, click the Refresh button.
  3. The log can also be saved as a document.

How to find wifi router tp-link IP address

To work around this, you may occasionally prefer to go directly to the router’s IP address rather than or when configuring your TP-Link router. The default IP address for your TP-Link Router is often or; the default IP address for your TP-Link Deco is

The following methods can help you locate your TP-Link Router’s IP address for your operating system if your network administrator has previously altered it.

Access Windows’ Open Control Panel to find your router’s IP address.

  • Want to see by Category in the top right corner? Then select the Network and Internet section and select Check network status and tasks.
  • your network connections by clicking.
  • In the network status panel, click Details.
  • The IP address of your router will appear as the IPv4 Default Gateway.


On Mac OS, locate the IP address of your router.

  • Bond Apple > System Preferences > Network in the menu at the top.
  • your network connection by clicking. then press the bottom right Advanced button.
  • Toggle TCP/IP. The IP address of your router will then appear as Router.

How to check or  see internet history wifi router tp-link

A menu with a “logs” or “history” section should appear after you log in. A list of each site accessed via the router should appear if you select this section.

  • On your PC, launch a web browser, and type the TP-Link router’s IP address into the address bar.
  • When prompted, enter your username and password, then click login.
  • Select “Logs” from the left menu after clicking on the “Advanced” tab at the top of the page.
  • Continue reading to the “Web Log” section to view logs for a particular time frame.
  • To get a list of all the websites visited throughout that time, select the “View Log” option.

How to clear wifi router tp-link history

There will be some similarities between this technique and knowing how to check the data allowance on a WiFi network. Follow the following steps below:

Step 1: Click the reset button

  1. Find your router’s reset button.
  2. Depending on the brand and model of your wifi router, it may be placed in a different spot, but it should be someplace in the rear.
  3. It needs to be tiny and crimson in hue.
  4. In actuality, a human hand cannot press the reset button because of its small size.

STEP 2: Select Reset from the menu.

  1. Find a utensil with a very little point, like a pencil, clip, or something similar.
  2. In the red reset button, press the tool.
  3. Once the front router LEDs stop flashing, hold down the reset button.
  4. Stop using the button once the lights come back on.

Step 3: Restarting the router

  1. Whenever the reset button is pressed, the router may occasionally restart itself.
  2. Manually restart the router if this doesn’t take place.
  3. After unplugging the router, give it between 30 and 60 seconds before connecting it back in.
  4. Reconnect the router and watch for each of the lights to come on.

Step 4: Check the Connection

  1. It’s time to verify the link now that the cookie has been cleared.
  2. Verify the modem and router are both operational.
  3. Test your smartphone or computer by opening it up and seeing whether you can pick up a wireless signal.
  4. You should use your favorite methods to check your overall speed as well.

How to see what devices are connected to my wifi router tp-link

To find out how many devices are connected to your Tp-Link router, you must first log in and view its history. The devices connected to your Tp-Link router are then listed.

Although you are a qualified tp-link Internet member, you have free access to all of the company’s Internet connections across the country, allowing you to stay connected even when you are on the go. Up to 10 devices may be registered on your account for use with tp-link WiFi hotspots.

How to check or view wifi router tp-link history on iPhone/android

How to use an Android or iPhone to check the history of a wifi router: You may check your Tp-link wifi router history on your Android or iPhone device if you’re worried about how much data your family is using or want to keep an eye on the activity on your home network. Follow the guide below:

How to check or view wifi router tp-link history on Android

When you want an article explaining how to use an Android handset to view WiFi router history: You may check the history of your wifi router on an Android device if you’re worried about how much data your family does use or want to monitor the activities on your home network. The web interface of your router can be used to accomplish this.

Enter the IP address of your router into the address bar of your web browser to access the web interface. You should be able to see your router’s history after logging in.

  • Open the Settings app on your Android device.
  • Select “Network & Internet” by tapping it.
  • Decide to use Wi-Fi.
  • To view the history of a Wi-Fi network, tap just on the gear symbol next to it.
  • Choose the Advanced selection.
  • At the bottom of the page, scroll down and select the See Wi-Fi History link.
  • A record of websites that were accessed via that Wi-Fi connection can be seen here.

How to check or view wifi router tp-link history on iPhone

To view the history of the wifi router Tp-Link, open the setup app on the phone and choose the wifi option. There, click the name of the router, then press the info button. This will reveal details about how the router was previously used, including when it was visited and also what IP addresses were utilized to do so.

It is simple to examine your wifi router’s history on your iPhone. This can be useful if you need to fix a connectivity issue or want to know which devices have joined your network.


Q1. Does tp link track internet history?

Ans: Yes, Netgear routers also save the logs necessary for diagnosing any specific problem that arises with the device or network, just like TP-Link routers do.

Q2. How to monitor data usage on the tp link router?

Ans: Navigate to the Data Settings tab under Advanced > Network. To prevent data excess, enable data limits to specify a monthly or annual data limitation as well as consumption alerts.

Final Thoughts

How to check browsing history on wifi router tp-link? You must sign in to the router’s web interface to view the browsing history on your TP-Link router. After logging in, select the “Advanced” tab and then “Logs” from the menu. You may get a list of all the websites that have been accessed through your router from here.

In end, TP-Link claims that their policies do not violate any consumer data and they are not allowed by law to focus on knowledge. In our current age, this may sound a bit corny, but I’m stating it just in case you’re unsure whether the data is safe.

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