Are you anxious about how to use WPS on Tp-Link router? Do not worry about it while I am here to give you all the information. Tp-Link routers come with a feature called Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). Many routers include a feature called Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) that simplifies connecting Wi-Fi-capable devices to a secure wireless network. The electrical equivalents are switches. However, unlike a switch, a WAP does not need to be connected to the router.

If you recently purchased a TP-Link router, configuring and utilizing it is very simple. Your brand-new TP-Link Wi-Fi router is simple to set up and use. I’ll explain everything to you here, step by step.

How to use WPS button on tp-link router

Check to see if your cable or router has such a WPS button.

Check your internet-capable device’s Network menu to determine if such a WPS option is present.

To create a WPS (Press Button) connection, adhere to the following steps:

  • Click the HOME button on the provided remote.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Choose Network.
  • Select Network Setup or Setup Network Connections.
  • Pick Wireless LAN, Wireless, or Wi-Fi.
  • Choose WPS (push button).
  • To start the TV’s WPS connection search, select Start.
  • To connect, depress the WPS button on the router. A few minutes may pass before the connection is established, depending just on the router and the setup of the home.
  • Select OK when the connection is successful.

How do I use WPS on my TP-Link wireless router?

You must have a question about how do you use WPS on my TP-Link wireless router. The steps are then listed below for you to follow.

  • Type into the address bar of your browser after it has opened. Click Login after entering admin as the username and password.
  • Search for wireless, also on the left side, by selecting the Advance tab.
  • A list of options will appear when you click on Wireless. Navigate to Advanced Settings, find WPS, and turn it on.
  • Select Save.

How to Enable WPS in TP-Link Router

In this article, we explain how to enable WPS in TP-Link router.

  • Then, enter in the address of the browser you are using.
  • Put in the administrator’s login information (the default username is admin, and the default password is admin).
  • Select Wireless under Advanced Settings.
  • Select WPS using the tab.
  • Put the toggle switch for Enable WPS in the off position.

Another way you can enable WPS on your TP-Link router which has taken place below:

  • Then, enter in the address bar of the browser you are using.
  • Open a browser, then type http://router or into the address bar.
  • In the upper right corner, click Login.
  • Click Submit after entering the router passcode (the field is left empty by default).
  • Under Wireless on the left side of the screen, choose Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  • Disabled should now be selected within the Wi-Fi Protected Setup fall list.
  • Opt for Apply Changes.

Final Thought

How to use WPS on Tp-Link router? With WPS, devices pair automatically whenever on the router is on and a button on that device is pressed simultaneously. You can avoid doing any technical configuration with this method. Wi-Fi Protected Setup is a feature included with Tp-Link routers (WPS). Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), a feature found on many routers, makes it simple to link Wi-Fi-capable devices to a safe wireless network.

Configuring and using a TP-Link router is fairly easy if you recently bought one. The installation and use of your new TP-Link Wi-Fi router are both straightforward. I’ll go over everything with you in the steps above.

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