Netgear GS105 vs Netgear GS305-Which is The Best?

Now our world depends on technology. If you are running a business and want to provide good customer service, you need an uninterruptible internet connection. Internet connection is essential for your home also. If anyone has to do multiple things simultaneously, gigabit switches will solve this problem. Here we will tell you about Netgear Gs105 vs Netgear GS305 switches.

If you want to buy switches, there are many options in the market. But Netgear is the most reliable option for gigabit switches. The Netgear GS105 and Netgear GS305 both switches are excellent and inexpensive options in the market. Let’s see which one is the best.

Netgear gs105 vs gs305

If you want to buy gigabit switches, Netgear is one of the popular options in the market. A gigabit switch will help you to connect and share your internet connection across multiple devices at the same speed. Their GS105 and GS305 switches are reliable choices. These two devices’ performance is better than any device. But we will show you some comparisons between these two switches. It will help you to choose one option for you. Netgear GS105 vs GS305 given below-

Feature Netgear GS 105 Netgear GS 305


4.02 x 1.06 x 3.9 inches 3.7 x 1.1 x 4 inches
Mounting Type Desktop or Wall Mount Tabletop, Wall Mount
Material Metal Metal
Switch type Metal metal
Actuator type Push-button Push-button
Energy-efficient IEEE802.3az IEEE802.3az
Style 5 Port 5 Port
Unit count 1.0 Count 1.0 Count
Warranty Limited lifetime 3yr

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Specification/Features of Netgear GS105 and Netgear GS305

  1. Netgear GS105 and GS305 have a simple plug-and-play setup option. So, there is no need to install any software and no configuration also. They have versatile mounting options.
  2. They support desktop and wall-mount placement.
  3. Netgear GS105 and GS305 have energy-efficient designs. This design optimizes power usage.
  4. GS105 and GS305 are compliant with IEEE802.3az energy-efficient mode.

Netgear GS105 vs Netgear GS305 – How are they different from each other?

Netgear GS105

You have multiple tasks to do and need a stable internet connection. A gigabit switch will allow you to connect all devices to your internet. Netgear is the popular option in the market for gigabit switches. Netgear GS105 and Netgear GS305 are both reliable. Their performance is excellent. The following comparison about Netgear GS105 vs GS305 will help you to know which one is the best for you.

Power consumption:

Netgear GS105 is an older model than GS305. When you use all ports of GS105, it uses maximum power of 2.7W. On the other hand, GS305 consumes less power. GS305 uses the full power of 2.3W. Besides this, it has a power-saving mode. This power-saving mode helps to reduce the power usage by 0.45W. When GS305 switches are on standby.

Warranty of the product:

Another essential difference between GS105 and GS305 is the warranty. GS105 has a limited lifetime warranty. This limited lifetime warranty applies to certain parts of the device and specific defects. At the same time, GS305 has a Peace of mind warranty. An industry-leading 3-year limited hardware warranty covers it.

Speed of the product:

Gigabit ethernet switches divide your internet connection among other devices at an equal stable speed. GS305 has better speed performance than Gs105.

GS305 offers a fast and ethernet gigabit connection option. While GS105 only provides a gigabit ethernet connection option.

NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS105NA)

Setup process:

You will get simple plug and play option in the Netgear GS105. In GS105 there are no setting and software install options. To connect the power cord, plug your ethernet cable on your device.GS105 has auto-sensing ports, that automatically obtains the fastest possible connection. GS105’s all ports can support up to 2000 Mbps in dedicated bandwidth. To ensure smooth traffic it has Automatic flow control. There is a queue buffer memory in GS105 of 12 bytes per port of 5 ports. There is a MAC address database size of 4,000 in GS105.

✅Easy to set up for unmanaged switches
✅GS105 has automatic traffic prioritization features.
✅A good option for the noise-sensitive environment
✅It has a lifetime warranty
❌It consumes more power than the GS305

NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS305)

Setup process:

Netgear GS305 has a simple setup process. There are no settings to configure in GS305 and no software to install. Connect all the equipment. Connect the GS305 port five on the switch to your router. Connect ports 1-4 on the button to your devices.

Now connect to the power. Then check the status. Netgear switches provide the most reliable wired network connectivity in the industry.

✅Simple setup process. No configuration or software is required.
✅GS305 has the versatile mounting option
✅Energy-efficient technology provides power savings for your work and home
✅Peace of mind warranty for 3 years
✅Ideal choice for the noise-sensitive environment
❌There is no Automatic prioritization feature in GS305
❌GS305 has no lifetime warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Netgear GS105 support PoE?

PoE means power over the ethernet support feature. No, Netgear GS105 Does not support the PoE feature.

Is GS105E a PoE?

Yes, GS105E supports the PoE feature. Half of GS105E ports are capable of supporting PoE. To covereged the network you need POE support immediate. All PoE plus models are the contains the most cost-efficient Gigabit Ethernet solution.

Is the Netgear GS305 good?

Yes, Netgear GS305 is good. GS305 is an unmanaged 5-port gigabit switch. It has a simple plug-and-play setup option. Energy-efficient technology provides power savings for your work and home. GS305 has a peace of mind warranty for 3 years. There is no fan in its system. So it doesn’t make noise. Ideal option for the noise-sensitive environment. GS305 is a more reliable option in the market.

Final Thoughts

Gigabit switches help us to do multiple things at a time. Gigabit switches allow your internet connection to share with other devices at a good and stable speed. Netgear switches are providing great service. Netgear GS105 vs Netgear GS305 both are 5 port unmanaged gigabit switches.

GS105 consumes more power than GS305. GS305 has a 3 years warranty, while GS105 has a limited lifetime warranty. Though they have differences, their performance is excellent. If you want to select one of them for your work or home, anyone will give you good service. But according to your requirement which one you will meet, only you can decide.

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