Tp Link ax1800 vs ax3000 – Which is better?

You have many options when you are looking for a top-class wireless router. Many people think of choosing between Tp Link ax1800 and AX1800 as the best and most affordable option. This is undoubtedly a good decision. However, a detailed study of tp link ax1800 vs ax3000 is required to know which option best suits your needs.

Wireless routers have been ruling the market for over a decade. These routers are being used for the large needs of large organizations including homes and offices. However, in choosing one option you need to identify its points of difference over the other and know why it is better. Hope the following discussion is helpful.

Tp link AX1800 vs AX3000: Top comparison

There are several significant differences between these two models of tp link router. So when you want to decide about any of them, you must know about their differences. Perhaps the table below will clear your mind.

Specification Tp-link AX1800 Tp link AX3000
Design This model is famous for elegant design. You will find the design similarity of AX10 model.
Performance Remarkable performance. Highly magnificent.
USB ports 1 USB-A 3.0 1 USB-A 2.0
Dimensions 10.2×5.3×1.2″ 10.2″x5.3″x1.2″
Speed 1,201Mbps at 5GHz 2,402Mbps at 5GHz
Best for Good choice for a small family. Best for most families.
Price Under $100 Under $150

Extra Comparison Point Tp-link AX1800 vs AX3000 Router:

Apart from the differences in the table above, there are a few additional differences that you should know before deciding on one.

  • Although the ax1800 gives better performance, the ax3000 router is considered the best for gaming as it offers higher speeds.
  • Despite good perfrmance according to users, ax3000 router lacks some features which is not right for the price. It needs to be improved. On the other hand, the ax1800 offers the features needed for larger spaces at a lower price.

Overview of Tp-link AX1800 vs AX3000 WiFi Router:

There is much more to know about both these router models. These will be discussed in more detail at this stage. Perhaps this in detail discussion of each model will be enough to clear your conception.

TP-Link AX1800 WiFi 6 Router (Archer AX21) Overview:

This model offers more capacity and faster network speed that allows you to do gaming, stable streaming, fast download and more. Besides, many devices can be running under the same network simultaneously. This model can be your place of trust when it comes to getting a strong and reliable network coverage.

Moreover, 4 antennas are enough to cover a medium to large area. So it can be an ideal choice for your home or office. However. If you don’t know its setup process then check below few steps.

Setup Process:

  • Turn off the power of your modem, also remove the backup battery;
  • Power on the modem and wait for a while to restart;
  • Connect the power adapter;
  • Now turn on the router;
  • Verify the connection and enjoy the network.
✅Highly secure VPN;
✅Offers amazing speeds;
✅Best smart home experience;
✅High gain antennas;
✅Stronger beamforming technology;
✅More reliable coverage;
✅Easy USB sharing;
✅Backward compatibility;
✅Can run 40+ devices smoothly.
❌Many users suggest it improves the features.

TP-Link AX3000 WiFi 6 Router Overview:

This model is perfect for enjoying more things including high speed, smooth downloading and live streaming. Makes your network more powerful and allows many users to connect to their devices at the same time. If you want to enjoy excellent connection with a low latency, you must switch to this model. Learn more about it below because you probably don’t know its setup process.

4 antennas keep an even signal throughout the entire area of your home. The device covers large areas of home or office very easily. Also, it never overheats even after running for a long time as WiFi 6 keeps the system cool enough and maintains maximum speed. Finally, it is always popular for its ease of use and installation.

Setup Process:

  • Connect the cable first;
  • Now install the TP-Link Tether app;
  • Complete the router setup;
  • Setup the Wifi network;
  • Then connect to the new network;
  • It’s done, now enjoy your excellent speed network.
✅Easy to setup and use;
✅Highly responsive than others;
✅4 high-gain external antennas;
✅It offers a great battery life;
✅Maintains top speed in versatile environments;
✅You can control the router via voice commands;
✅Highly compatible with alexa;
✅Compatible with all internet service providers;
✅Powerful protection and features;
✅Maximum coverage.
❌The price is relatively high.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Tp-link AX1800 good?

TP-Link AX1800 is definitely a good one when users have a tight budget. It has been contributing over the years to improve your home or office internet connection. Overall, a good option as a Wi-Fi 6 router at a low price.

Is Tp-link AX1800 compatible with spectrum?

TP-Link AX1800 is quite compatible for any slow spectrum plans. Moreover, the installation is quite easy. No matter if you are a new user. Just follow the setup process step by step.

Is the Tp-link AX3000 good for gaming?

Tp-link AX3000 is popular for its great speed. The device provides enough power for everything from live streaming to intense gaming. Even, with it you will have experiences that you have not experienced before.

Is Tp-link AX3000 compatible with spectrum?

Like other Tp link router models, ax3000 is compatible with spectrum. You can connect the Spectrum modem to your router by following just a few steps.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps now your idea of ​​tp link ax1800 vs ax3000 is completely clear. Basically both the models have great performance. Even these models of Tp-link are at the top of the list of best wireless routers. However, they still differ in some respects which have been highlighted in the above discussion. The features of both are discussed keeping in mind the budget perspective of the users.

If your budget is not an issue then go for the ax3000 model which is suitable for high end games and live streaming. On the other hand go for the ax1800 if you want satisfactory performance and features within a small budget. But seriously they are both good.

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