Tri-Band Router vs Mesh: Which One’s Best for Your Home?

The central identifications between tri-band router vs mesh router are very basic, however, there are other minor, yet still significant, differentiations. But mind it, you need a suitable router to get decent Wi-Fi.

Current innovation has brought humanity an enormous number of gadgets. In all honesty, there are such endless different sorts and classes of PC equipment that it will in general be very straightforward for standard customers to become puzzled by every gadget. Among them, the most ideal wifi switch can be achieved rapidly. A wireless link has turned into the need of the present day. Every individual who has a cell phone or some other smart gadget needs it in each home. At home, we likewise need it in our workplaces, schools, colleges, or some other work environment.

Comparison between tri-band router vs mesh

Features  Tp-link Tri-band router Tp-link Deco mesh
Frequency Band Class Tri-Band Dual-Band
Connectivity Technology Wireless, Ethernet Bluetooth
Included components Router body, power supply, Ethernet Cable Mesh Router, Satellite, Power Supply, Network Cable
Color Black 3 pack
Frequency 5GHz 4,500 sq. ft. of powerful coverage
Compatible Devices Gaming Console, Personal Computer, Smart Television absent

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Which is preferable?

  • Tri-Band Wireless Internet Router is considered as a premium router as it is used for 4K video,
  • Streaming, and gaming with incredibly, 1625 Mbps on both 5 GHz bands and 750 Mbps on 2. 4
  • GHz bands. While looking at tri-band vs deco mesh, it is found it is the most affordable router as
  • MU-MIMO technology lets you connect more devices simultaneously otherwise deco mesh serves
  • at 3-4 bedrooms, 1 router with 2 extenders with limited service. Tri-band Archer A20 has
  • a powerful 1.8 GHz 64-bit CPU, three co-processors, and 512 MB of RAM that powers your home
  • network and works as a great gaming router. The Range boost technology supports Wi-Fi devices
  • for all-around coverage throughout the Home. Tri-band archer maintained independent operating
  • systems up to Windows 10, and Mac OS 10. 12 and Linux.

Tri-Band Router vs Mesh: Which One’s Best for Your Home?

Tri-band wifi router setup process:

  • For the setup process, you have to follow the tri-band quick installation guide.
  • Connect the Hardware
  • Place the router horizontally and extend the antennas to the maximum angle
  • Unplug your modem
  • Connect the powered-off modem to the router’s Internet port with an Ethernet cable.
  • Turn on the modem
  • Connect the power adapter to the router
  • Check the required LEDs to confirm the hardware connection
  • Finally set up the network by downloading the tri-band tether app.

Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of the wifi router

Tri-band wifi router advantages


1. Ultimate Wireless Speed – Wireless speeds up to 1625 Mbps on 5 GHz-1, 1625 Mbps on 5 GHz-2, and 750 Mbps on 2.4 GHz

2. NitroQAM Technology – Uses NitroQAM (1024- QAM) adjustment pattern for higher information throughput, helping remote rates by up to 25%.

3. MU-MIMO Technology – At the same time connects data with numerous gadgets, achieving speeds that are 3x faster than standard AC routers ·

4. Support 802.11 ac – Provides an information move rate multiple times quicker than 802.11n for each stream ·

5. 1.8 GHz CPU –1.8 GHz 64-bit CPU and 3 co-processors make performing various tasks simple and boost data transfer rate

Wi-Fi Range (Ultimate range Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi with Beamforming)


  1. Simultaneous Triple Band
  2. Easy bandwith Mangemennt
  3. Smart connect technology
  4. Airtime Fairness Technology
  5. Security (Guest network, Access control, Homecare, VPN server)

Tri-band wifi router disadvantages:

  • No USB is available
  • Data transfer rate, not more than 750Mb per second
  • Only 802.11a wireless communication standard is available

Tp-link Deco Mesh wifi system setup:

  1. Download and install the Deco app
  2. Log in with TP-Link ID
  3. Identify your Deco
  4. Plug in and power on Deco
  5. Connect to the Deco’s Wi-Fi
  6. Select a location
  7. Set up internet connection
  8. Create your Wi-Fi network
  9. Connect to your Wi-Fi network
  10. Setup complete

TP-link Deco Mesh Wi-Fi Systems features as well as advantages:

Fast Mesh Wi-Fi for Your Whole Home

By Deco you can set up strong wifi signal of your home. If your home is forty thousand and five hundred square ft, you can enjoy the super speed connections for deco.

●  Wi-Fi dead zone killer

Wifi dead zone killers means, it reduce the area’s weak signal and set up stable wi-fi connection

●  Convenient plug-in Wi-Fi

Take your deco and convenient plug in with the compact extender Deco M3W into a wall outlet and also extend your Mesh Wi-Fi coverage.

●  Seamless Roaming with Wi-Fi

Deco seamless coverage the whole home and provide strong signal from a unified wi-fi network. So plug your deco as well as mesh technology, you should use seamless.

TP-link Deco Mesh Wi-Fi Systems disadvantages:

  • Only Bluetooth Connecting technology. Not available for Wi-Fi or ethernet
  • Limited area coverage
  • Not suitable for compatible devices

Which is better: tri-band Wi-Fi vs deco mesh Wi-Fi better?

The response is that it depends upon the necessities. For confidential places, offices, and business areas, tri-band wifi may be the best choice. While medium to tremendous undertakings, deco wifi will be the proper option. Although the excellent service, Tri-band is more expensive rather than the deco wifi devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is mesh WiFi better than a router?

It depends on better performance and less network massing. In certain circumstances, the mesh can consider quicker speeds, better probability, and greater wireless coverage of your home than a traditional router would. As frameworks, they’re additionally versatile and fast to alter.

Do you lose speed with mesh WiFi?

In a mesh Wi-Fi system, the bandwidth will decrease by half in every link or hop between the routers. This occurs because wireless links only work as one thing at a time –transmit or receive. In the case of long-chain mesh connections, the speeds may lose from end to end.

Is tri-band more important than WiFi 6?

Tri-band or wifi 6, both are important distinctly. In case of an extensive network such as at a school or office or for business purposes, then dual-band wifi6 will be the best option. Otherwise, to maintain your tons of smart home devices, you must choose the tri-band.


Thus, after going through the detailed article on tri-band Wi-Fi vs mesh Wi-Fi, it is decided that the most upgraded version is tri-band while the least upgraded version is the deco mesh Wi-Fi system. Whereas tri-band gives clients a scope of elements.

But the performance of deco mesh is not ruthless because it is perfect for a limited area. Finally, you have to choose a Wi-Fi system depending on your area coverage, and your available budget.  You may have a business or home spread out over a huge area or even numerous floors in a structure. As tri-band provides more facilities as well as it is more expensive, you have to decide properly.

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